Build a Gazebo from a Kit

There is nothing nicer than when walking through a garden you stumble across a gazebo positioned intimately into a landscape. You are automatically drawn to entering it, taking a seat to relax and enjoy the surroundings benefiting from the respite of a tranquil setting.

There are different reasons gardeners and landscapers build gazebos. Some construct them for the protection they give to an area such as an outdoor spa. Others build them as a feature to their garden considering the main factor to be aesthetics. Whatever the reason and whatever the budget a gazebo is not out of reach of the average gardener.

We plan to build a gazebo within the next 2 years to cover the outdoor spa we also need to construct. However, it won't be built from a gazebo kit. I'm too much of a purist for that. No, it will come from my own design and tenacity.
But not everybody's as stupid as me.

Gazebo kits come in all different shapes and sizes (and budgets). The main materials used today are treated softwoods, hardwoods (although more expensive) and galvanized steel, wrought iron or aluminium.

A gazebo in kit form can be easily assembled by yourself or with the help of a friend and minimal tools. Depending on the size and ornateness of your gazebo it may only take a few hours to construct with a more elaborate kit taking perhaps a day or two to erect and install.

When shopping around for a gazebo kit there are a few questions you might need to ask yourself to help select the best option for you garden and lifestyle.

  1. Wha's the purpose of installing a gazebo kit? Aesthetics? Shade? Somewhere to rest?
  2. How big is the area where it will eventually be located?
  3. How high can the gazebo be? Are there any factors that would limit the height - e.g. tree limbs, council regulations etc?
  4. How much do I want to spend on a kit and would it be better for my lifestyle to have a tradesman build it instead?
  5. Do I have the time, inclination and tenacity to install a gazebo kit myself?
  6. What material is going to best suit our lifestyle? Wood will need repainting at least every 10 years while wrought iron, aluminium and galvanized metals won't need much maintenance
Once you've answered these questions you will be much more informed to make a wise decision in selecting a gazebo kit to install.

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